Friday, September 25, 2009

The Traveling Homeopath

I live in Los Angeles, CA and love to travel. I enjoy driving the highways and back roads and seeing how other people live. To drive alone or with family or friends or with my dog beside me  ........... I do not mind living out of a suitcase for weeks at a time. It is a wonderful adventure.

Getting on a plane is a bit of a different story but I get my Bach Flower bottle of Mimulus (for fear of flying) and it makes the trip much easier. 

With two children in different parts of the country .... I want to see them as much as possible and share their lives and I think they feel the same way! And, I love being a Classical Homeopath and Bach Flower Practitioner anywhere I go.

I will also drive to see my clients (in some cases) so traveling in Southern California is a part of my practice.

We need to put words to our dreams. When we do, the dreams are more apt to come true. I want this part of my world to expand and my wish is to go to places where there might not be another Classical Homeopath or Bach Flower Remedy Practitioner. Therefore, the title of this site - Traveling Homeopath.