Monday, September 28, 2009

About My Practice

I practice both Classical Homeopathy and the Bach Flower Remedies. Each client's situation is different and we will work together to decide the best course of action for you or your child.

If you are a homeopathy client, we may include the Bach Flower Remedies as we go along. Your progress and life situation will determine if Bach Flower Remedies are needed/used in addition to homeopathy. 

If you begin as a Bach Flower Remedy client and we decide it would be beneficial to use homeopathy, we will do a complete homeopathic consultation and, at that time, you will be homeopathy patient until/unless you stop using homeopathy.

My opinion is that Homeopathy tends to go deeper but I value both practices and see a time and reason for each one.

When using the Bach Flowers, I also educate my clients about the various remedies. There are only 38 Bach Flower remedies and, even though there are subtleties to each remedy, the system is easier to learn and the remedies are at a much lower potency than homeopathy. I can teach you how to purchase and mix your own bottle of essences for different situations that might come up for yourself and your family. 

I will send you more information about what to expect once we talk and make an appointment.

You may email me at  or call 818-426-7832  
My office is in Olde Towne Pasadena.  Animal consultations are done at your home, or in a neutral setting. 

I am a healer and want to reach out and help as many people as I can.  I will work with a sliding scale for those who cannot afford the full fee.  If needed, please discuss your individual situation with me and I will do my best to help you.  

FEES (always includes the remedy)
Initial consultation - $250 (1 1/2 - 2 hour session)
Follow up consultation - $85.00 (30 - 45 minute session)

Bach Flower Remedies - when only Bach Flower Remedies are used. 
Initial consultation - $85 (about 1 hour)
Follow up consultation - $45 (about 30 minutes)
Mini consult and refill of same remedy (10 - 15 minutes or email) - $25
Animal Bach Flower consultation - Initial $50, follow ups $25

Animal Consultations
Initial casetaking and educational consultation - $150 (includes Bach Flowers)
Follow ups - $50